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Shooting with “Adel und Volk”

Back in May I organised a shooting with 8 georgeous models and a friend of mine, who is also a very good and reliable photographer.

We met at the workshop of Carola Adler, the mastermind of “Adel und Volk“. After the fitting we shoot at two different locations and although it was pretty  cold the models seem to glow from the inside. It was a wonderful day and I am pleased with the results, because when I look at the photos I can tell that the emotions are real and everyone had an awesome day.

Everyone of you did a wonderful job and I am looking forward to doing this again. Thanks to Adel und Volk for lending us the beautiful garments, making dinner and helping with the logistics. To the photographer Sebastian and the models Zadya, Fragile, Carmina, Mel, Halvor, Yukari Aneko, Alrik und Alrika.

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