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New Year’s resolutions

I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions in a long time, because I just couldn’t care less for this pointless tradition. I guess I made an exeption in 2019 and so far it’s going well.

  1. 24 Shootings in 12 months(fantasy larp Con events count double, since I have to sleep, work and eat at some point)
  2. Use my facebook page more consistently and start using instagram
  3. Building my own website and abandoning my old flickr account
  4. Read 19 books
  5. Interact with a variety of creative people and building a reliable base for upcoming projects(sadly a lot of shootings get cancelled last minute and it’s tricky to find a replacement most of the time)

…and that’s how I ended up here. I have a reputaion of dismissing blogs/platforms so what could possibly go wrong?

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