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July 2019



Recently I spent a week in the region called “Harz” in Germany and met a formiliar face. Farbakadabra, also known as Janina, who is part of the team that organize the Allerronn LARPs in that area, invited me to do a fantasy shoot. She is a very dedicated artist for face- and bodypainting and I […]

Adel und Volk, Projects

Shooting with “Adel und Volk”

Back in May I organised a shooting with 8 georgeous models and a friend of mine, who is also a very good and reliable photographer. We met at the workshop of Carola Adler, the mastermind of “Adel und Volk“. After the fitting we shoot at two different locations and although it was pretty  cold the […]

Adel und Volk, Projects

Collaboration with dress maker “Adel und Volk”

Photography can be an expensive hobby. For me it defenetly is and I usually rely on the models to bring their own clothes. I like to work with characters that are reliable more often and few people have a whole closet filled with the finest garments.    Earlier this year I met Carola Adler, the […]

Life update

New Year’s resolutions

I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions in a long time, because I just couldn’t care less for this pointless tradition. I guess I made an exeption in 2019 and so far it’s going well. 24 Shootings in 12 months(fantasy larp Con events count double, since I have to sleep, work and eat at some point) […]